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How mining works
Mining serves two purposes: To create new coins and to maintain a log of all transactions of existing digital tokens.

As is the case with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, “miners” around the globe contribute their computing power to verifying and adding all exchanges of ether to a public ledger.
Why us?
Sellers or miners can run our software or connect their mining hardware (ASICs) or just regular PCs to servers and to the buyer"s order. Their hashing power is forwarded to the pool that the buyer has chosen for mining. For each valid share they submit, they get paid in bitcoins for the price that is determined by the current weighted average and refreshed each minute. This is all done automatically and the process does not require complex technical skills.
How much can I earn?
It depends on your hardware. For example if you use a Nvidia RTX 3090 you can earn approximately $10 a day that become $300 a month. You can connect as much system you want. More power = bigger earnings